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Signals of depression

Occasionally feeling down or "blue" is a normal part of life. But if you can’t get yourself out of bed in the morning, or you've lost enjoyment in life, with prolonged feelings of despair or emptiness, this may be a signal of depression. Depression, which can occur acutely or chronically, can have significant adverse effects on your relationships, work or school life, sleeping and eating habits, and general well-being.


Symptoms of depression vary, but can include:

  • Depressed mood and a reduction in interest in pleasurable activities
  • Changes in appetite, insomnia and decreased libido
  • Lack of energy, feelings of guilt or worthlessness and agitation
  • Inability to concentrate, social isolation, unhelpful thinking patterns
  • In more severe cases, thoughts of death or suicide

Help is at hand

Treatment for depression should always be determined by a licensed professional to ensure an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Using CBT, we will work on decrease behaviors that exacerbate depression, focusing on self-monitoring the relationship between your thoughts and behaviors to replace distorted conclusions with more reality-oriented beliefs, behavioral activation, social skills training, and helping to change the mental dialogue in ways that improve one’s mood.